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As a pilot and instructor I believe in safety, self-confidence, adventure, and utmost proficiency.

Flight Instruction

Drawing on a broad range of experience, I provide individualized flight training to suit your pace and style.

Specialties include upset prevention & recovery training (UPRT), transition training, and insurance checkouts.

Private Pilot License - Instrument Rating - Commercial Pilot

Multi-Engine - Jet Rating - Tailwheel - Flight Instructor

UPRT - Advanced Airmanship - BFR - IPC - Glider

Ferry Services

Taildraggers, multi-engine, experimentals, and oddball types.  I've flown coast-to-coast and abroad, and

know how to get it done.  Safe, efficient, and reliable, turn-key experience.  Call for pricing.

Mentor Pilot & Contract Pilot

With experience across the USA and abroad, I am available to fly with you as a mentor pilot,

to fly your Part 91 trips as a contract pilot, or as copilot on interesting aircraft.

Noam D Eisen, CFI-II-MEI    -->    +1 (510) 456-0585   •   [my first name]


About Me

Growing up I spent hours watching the birds, dreaming of how it would feel to soar.  From my first

minute at the controls of a plane I've been hooked.  I find immense fulfillment in a flight well-flown, and

I relish the challenge of pursuing perfection.  There's always more to know, and so much joy in learning!

I have flown over 150 aircraft types to date, from a 36hp J-2 Cub to the 1,700shp Beechcraft Super King Air,

and I have learned something new from each.  I currently hold the following certificates, ratings, and endorsements:

FAA Commercial Pilot:

• Airplane Single Engine Land

• Airplane Multi Engine Land

• Airplane Single Engine Sea

• Airplane Multi Engine Sea

• Instrument Airplane

• CE510S (Citation Mustang Single Pilot)

• CE525S (Citation CJ-series Single Pilot)

• DC-3 (SIC only)

• Glider

FAA Flight Instructor:

• Airplane Single Engine (CFI-A)

• Airplane Multi Engine (MEI)

• Instrument Airplane (CFI-I)

• Glider (CFI-G)

FAA Ground Instructor:

• Advanced

• Instrument

FAA Remote Pilot:

• sUAS


• Tailwheel

• Glider Tow

• High-Performance

• High-Altitude

• Complex

• Aero Tow (glider)

• Self-Launch (glider)

New Zealand PPL Conversion:

• Aerobatics Rating