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As a pilot and instructor I believe in safety, self-confidence, adventure, and utmost proficiency.

Flight Instruction

Drawing on a broad range of experience, I provide individualized flight training to suit your pace and style.

Specialties include upset prevention & recovery training (UPRT), transition training, and insurance checkouts.

Private Pilot License - Instrument Rating - Commercial Pilot

Multi-Engine - Tailwheel - Flight Instructor - BFR - IPC

Ferry Services

Taildraggers, multi-engine, experimentals, and oddball types.  I've flown coast-to-coast and abroad, and

know how to get it done.  Safe, efficient, and reliable, turn-key experience.  Call for pricing.

Mentor Pilot & Contract Pilot

With experience across the USA and abroad, I am available to fly with you as a mentor pilot,

to fly your Part 91 trips as a contract pilot, or as copilot on interesting aircraft.

Noam D Eisen, CFI-II-MEI    -->    +1 (510) 456-0585   •   [my first name]


About Me

Growing up I spent hours watching the birds, dreaming of how it would feel to soar.  From my first

minute at the controls of a plane I've been hooked.  I find immense fulfillment in a flight well-flown, and

I relish the challenge of pursuing perfection.  There's always more to know, and so much joy in learning!

I have flown over 135 aircraft types to date, from a 36hp Cub to the 1,700shp Beechcraft Super King Air,

and I have learned something new from each.  I currently hold FAA Flight Instructor (Airplane Single and

Multi Engine, Instrument), Commercial Pilot (Airplane Single Engine Land and Sea, Airplane Multi

Engine Land, Instrument Airplane, Glider, CE510S, CE525 (SIC)), Ground Instructor (Advanced, Instrument),

and Remote Pilot (sUAS) certificates, and a New Zealand Private Pilot conversion with an Aerobatics Rating.

I also hold Tailwheel, High-Performance, Complex, High-Altitude, and Glider Tow endorsements.